How Do I Pick A Mediator?

There are lists of mediators online. Mediators have different levels of experience in mediating and in mediating certain kinds of cases.   It can be helpful to find a mediator who has experience in the type of case you are involved in.  Mediators also have a wide range of hourly fees.  Mediators typically charge by the hour.  Usually, parties split the mediators fees equally.   Many mediators list their hourly fee online.  Check out this website of for a list of Utah mediators

If you choose, or are ordered to mediator, usually one party proposes three mediators and sends the proposed mediators’ names, contact information and hourly fees to the opposing party.  The opposing party may then choose a mediator from this list or counter propose different mediators.

A great way to choose a mediator is to ask friends or families who have used mediators for their recommendations.  Your attorney will also be able to give you feedback about different mediators they have used and specifically, mediators who might be a good fit for the case you are involved in.

Give us a call if you have questions about finding a mediator.


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