Tips for Attending the Mandatory Utah Divorce Classes

Adults in classroom

If you have children your divorce cannot become final until you take two classes.  One is the Divorce Orientation class.  This class is an hour long and costs $30.  However, you can cut this cost in half, to only $15, by taking the class within 30 days of filing the petition (if you are the petitioner) or within 30 days of being served (if you are the respondent).  The second class is the Utah Divorce Education class, which is two hours long. These classes are usually offered back to back.  This class is $35.  For both classes, you have to pay by cash.  You must be on time.  They will not let you in late.  Do not bring your children, they are not allowed.

These classes are actually pretty interesting.  The Divorce Orientation class goes over statistics about divorce and some things to consider during the process.  The Divorce Education class talks about how children handle the divorce process and gives some tips to help them.  It also gives some tips to help you as you navigate the new waters of post-divorce co-parenting.  If you attend with an open mind, you will likely learn some tips to help you as you transition from married to divorced.

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