OCAP: The Pros and Cons

Person working at a computerThe Online Client Assistance Program (OCAP) offers a valuable, low cost service for people seeking to do their own divorce. This program allows people to enter their personal information and then it produces the documents needed for the divorce. OCAP works great for non-contested divorces with minimal property issues.

OCAP has some limitations. OCAP does not provide legal advice. OCAP does not let the person drafting the documents know if they are missing an issue. OCAP does not describe the short term and long terms consequences of the decisions the parties are making. OCAP does not allow for much creativity or flexibility. There are a limited number of places that the parties can add in alternative ways to settle issues.

While OCAP is valuable and can save parties a lot of money, often the parties spend the money they saved trying to fix a divorce decree (or paternity order) that does not do what they expected it to do. Usually, an attorney can assist in fixing these mistakes. However, sometimes these mistakes are permanent. One way to get the cost benefits of OCAP, but still have some protection from the common mistakes made in OCAP, is to have an attorney review the final documents before you file them with the court. This review could save you a lot of frustration and money in the future.

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