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Family Law Book Reviews

It's Not The End of the World by Judy BlumeIt’s Not The End of the World

by Judy Blume

This book is written in the voice of a sixth grade girl, Karen Newman. By telling the story of a divorce through the eyes of Ka-ren, Blume starkly illuminates the confusion and pain a child can experience during a divorce. This book can help parents understand what their own children may think or experience.

When Karen is first told of her parents’ divorce she is devastated and has all kinds of unrealistic ideas about how to bring her parents back together. Through Karen’s voice, the reader is able to understand how frustrating it is for Karen to not receive answers to her questions about the divorce. Over time, Karen begins to accept that everyone will be better off if her parents do not stay married.

This book would be valuable in helping tween girls and their parents talk about divorce. The message of the book is that despite the pain created by her parent’s divorce, Karen can eventually be happy again.

Though written in the 1970s, I think this book is still valuable in helping parents’ acknowledge the depth of pain their children may be experiencing. It could be read out loud together or separately. The book is available in print and electronic formats.

Mom's House, Dad's HouseMom’s House, Dad’s House

by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.

This book offers practical tips for kids to help them feel safe as they navigate the tricky situations that come when moms and dads split.

The book is written for children around ten years and older. It can be read by the child alone or with parents. The books looks at the different stages of divorce, from separation to remarriage and provides definitions (what does it mean to “split up”?), a roadmap of the process, and answers to some of kids’ common questions (“Where will I live?” “Is my family over?”).

This is a book that can educate children on the divorce process in a neutral way, reassure children that their experiences are normal, and provide comfort that they will survive and succeed through the divorce process. This book can also help parents as they educate, reassure and comfort their children.

This book provides comfort and reassurance that while the process may be rocky, loving parents and children can successfully navigate the rocky divorce process.

Divorce Sucks Book ReviewDivorce Sucks

by Mary Jo Eustace

This book is written by the ex-wife of Dean McDermott who married Tori Spelling. (Tori and Dean have a reality show called Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.) The author, Mary Jo Eustace, writes about the various stages of divorce in a conversational, witty, and sometimes sarcastic style which makes the book easy to read.

The book begins with the shock of the author’s husband announcing that he wants a divorce so that he can be with Tori Spelling. Eustace writes about the particular pain of having her ex-husband’s life on national TV.

The book chronicles the pro-cess of going through a divorce and getting to the other side of the divorce – when things start to get better. It is full of stories from the author’s and others’ lives. The author brings out some very good points about the grieving process and advocating for your children. One of her chapters is titled “Love Your Children More Than You Hate Your Ex.”

I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for some guidance and validation regarding the emotional rollercoaster of divorce. The book should be viewed as PG-13; there is some swearing and sexual language.

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