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At Preston, Pence and Lisonbee, we offer three different service plans to fit your case and your budget:


Full service is the traditional way most people work with attorneys. You hire our firm to become your attorney of record with the court. The firm’s name is on all the paperwork filed with the court. All pleadings and correspondence come directly to the firm. The firm manages your case for you.

Advantages :
You do very little work. Your attorney does most of the work. You will not have to worry about deadlines or how to interact with the court because your attorney will do this for you. You will not have to interact with the opposing attorney.

This service model costs more and requires a larger retainer, or money up front. Additionally, some people enjoy taking charge of their legal affairs and handling their case on their own with just limited assistance. If you are one of those people, you may prefer a different service model.

Any case can work well with the full service model. Complicated cases and cases that are very emotional and draining to the client are a particularly good fit with the full service model.


If you select the limited scope option, you hire our firm to help you with discrete tasks, like representing you at a single hearing or drafting pleadings, or a discrete issue, like helping
you with custody or other matters in your divorce. We may make a limited appearance with the court. All pleadings and correspondence are still sent to you. You are responsible for managing your own case. All that we will do are the specific tasks you ask us to do. You can hire an attorney to help with a limited part of your case. For example, you might prepare the
documents for your case and hire an attorney just to help you with the hearing. This can help you stretch your litigation budget.

Your retainer is smaller with limited scope services. You do most of the work for your case. You are responsible for managing your case. Your attorney will only interact with the opposing party or opposing attorney on the limited issue you hired her to help you with.

You will need to interact with the opposing party or opposing attorney on all other issues. Additionally, limited scope costs more than coaching and it does require a retainer.

Limited scope works well when you are already managing your case, but there are parts of the case for which you need help. Some cases can be too complex or too complicated to fit this model.


If you use coaching, you hire our firm to walk you through the legal process. You appear in court on your own and draft your own pleadings. You manage your own case. We assist you with

questions. We can review the documents that you write.


You can save money by using coaching. With the coaching model, no retainer is required. You pay for services as you receive them. You can hire us to do a one-time consultation or to provide

on-going coaching. You remain in complete control of your case. You move your case along with your own strategy.



You will be responsible for managing your case and doing all of the work. You will need to keep track of deadlines and you will need to interact with the opposing party or opposing attorney. The advice your attorney gives you is only as good as the information you give her. If you forget to give your attorney some important information or give inaccurate information, her advice may be incorrect.



Simple cases work well with coaching. We do not recommend coaching if the opposing party has hired an attorney.


If you have any questions about our service plans, please call us at (801) 820-7488.

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